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019: Creating The Most Authentic Brand Experience For Your Online Store – Dave Munson,

Posted by Austin Brawner on July 17, 2014

Dave Munson is founder and CEO of Saddleback Leather where his number one priority is creating the most authentic brand experience for his site’s visitors and customers.

Saddleback leather is an ecommerce company that designs and produces the perfect leather bag and other full grain leather goods, products that won’t tear, has zippers or buttons wouldn’t break, and products that could withstand a beating or two.


The idea for his product and company came to him while he participated in a real Mexican bullfight, and he began to build his company while living in a drab $100 a month Juarez, Mexico apartment.

He’s so confident in his products that he provides a 100-year warranty, and guarantees that your family will fight over who gets it long after you’re dead.

Today he’s going to tell us his story on how he took his small practical idea and turned into an ecommerce machine through his relentless focus on creating an authentic brand experience (just watch some of his videos!).

Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview:

  • How his participation in a Mexican Bullfight inspired his company
  • His journey from bootstrapped business to a wildly successful online store
  • Creating a truly authentic brand experience for your site’s visitors and customers
  • How David defines his brand and what that means for him and his employees on a daily basis
  • Why his site provides links to his top competitors and what that means for his business
  • The balance between an emotional and logical feel to a website and what it means for his conversions
  • What generosity has done for his company and his life and why you should do it to

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