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266: Shark Tank & Superfans: How Beardbrand Grew a 1.6MM YouTube Following

Posted by Austin Brawner on August 25, 2020

Imagine being such an industry influencer that a look is named after you.

You can walk into a barbershop and ask for The Bandholz, a beard named after Eric Bandholz, founder of Austin-based men’s grooming company, Beardbrand

We last interviewed Eric back in 2014 when they achieved 6-figure monthly sales in less than 18 months and they have continued to see massive growth since.

In today’s episode, we are talking all about Beardbrand’s personality-driven approach to content marketing that has amassed over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, Eric’s experience being on Shark Tank, what it’s like being the face of your brand as a founder and the secret to creating superfans.

Episode Highlights

  • 5:11 The stressful, year-long experience of being on Shark Tank
  • 12:23 The difference between having business partners and owning 100% of your business
  • 14:53 How Eric created freedom in his life and business over the last 8 years
  • 19:44 The pros and cons of being the face of your brand
  • 22:27 How Beardbrand connects with their 1.6MM fans
  • 25:27 Beardbrand’s approach to dealing with online haters
  • 27:55 Eric’s focus to stay ahead of their competition
  • 29:48 The secret to creating superfans
  • 31:57 The lesson COVID-19 taught businesses
  • 34:49 What Eric wishes he knew when he first started his business
  • 35:27 Eric’s system to hire top-notch employees 
  • 37:29 Key roles Eric assumes in the business today
  • 39:16 Using agencies to grow your business and knowing when to transition in-house
  • 43:50 Beardbrand’s strategic approach to paid advertising
  • 46:05 What Eric is curious about right now
  • 48:52 The hidden world of infertility and Eric and his wife’s journey

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