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038: How To Create A Best Customer Retention Marketing Plan For Ecommerce – Strategy Session

Posted by Austin Brawner on September 23, 2014

The most successful ecommerce companies know how to retain their most profitable customers.

In this episode we give you the steps to create a best customer retention marketing plan for ecommerce.

We touched on this topic briefly in “Why Email Marketing Fails“, and we felt that this topic deserved it’s own episode because, according to Harvard Business Review, a 5% increase in customer retention or loyalty can boost profits by 25%-85%.

And out of the top 4 reasons customers never return to give you repeat business, number two is that they don’t feel special, important, or valued.

We’re not playing tee ball anymore, so not everyone deserves an equal chance to feel valued and important, and not everyone deserves to receive the same special opportunity provided to others.

You need to create the best customer retention marketing plan for your ecommerce store and for your most profitable customers, and in this episode, we’ll give you the steps you need to take to start implementing today.

Topics Discussed Throughout the Interview

  • Some shocking statistics we found in one of our client’s customer database
  • The 3 main steps to creating a best customer retention marketing plan for ecommerce
  • How to segment and analyze the customer data
  • Best customer retention marketing ideas to implement now

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