Today’s guest is no stranger to spending money on advertising. But as you’ll learn, nowadays he’s more focused on delivering an amazing customer experience than optimizing his ad spend.

Babak Azad is the former SVP of Media & Customer Acquisition at Beachbody. During his time there, his team spent over half a billion dollars in media and acquired over 10 million customers through their website, on Amazon, and over the phone. Those are some big-time numbers.

In today’s episode, we discuss the danger of falling into the “Cost Per Acquisition > Lifetime Value” game and share a few surprising things most ecommerce businesses are missing in their quest for scale. This is an exceptional episode with an exceptional guy!

Episode Highlights

  • 6:15 Chicken or the egg: Babak’s thoughts on pushing sales vs brand awareness to build a brand.
  • 8:44 Why customer experience is not just about online UI and UX.
  • 11:31 The one thing you must do to create a great customer experience.
  • 12:00 How being different can increase your sales and improve your customer experience.
  • 13:30 The surprising thing most ecommerce sites are not focusing on.
  • 16:00 How shout-outs, badges & leaderboards help Peloton dial in their customer experience.
  • 23:30 The 4 buckets Babak uses for breaking up and creating a great customer experience.
  • 25:00 Why you need to understand who you’re serving and what they really value.
  • 28:55 How niching down and clearly speaking to your core customer can really help you succeed.
  • 31:47 The metrics you should be reviewing to track customer experience

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