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022: Building a Bulletproof eCommerce Sales Funnel, Part 2 – Candid Conversation

Posted by Austin Brawner on July 29, 2014

Before starting this show make sure to check out part 1 where we talk about the first 2 steps of the 5 steps to building a bulletproof ecommerce sales funnel.

Funnel’s are extremely exciting to talk about because after you’re done building a bulletproof ecommerce sales funnel you can often see 2, 5 or even 10x growth. In this episode, we talk about the remaining three pieces of the funnel and what that will mean to the growth of your business.


We’ll also walk you through an example of exactly how to set this up for your business. It’s great to hear conceptually but this real-life example will give you the steps necessary to implement this funnel for your business.

Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview

  • Why your core offer might not be the place you make your most profit
  • What McDonald’s can teach you about building a bulletproof ecommerce sales funnel
  • You don’t have to live and die on the profits of a core offering
  • How to increase the number of transactions per customer
  • A real example of a start to finish bulletproof ecommerce sales funnel

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Austin & Chad!

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