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150: The Art of Doing Less But Better w/ Greg McKeown [Part 2]

Posted by Austin Brawner on June 28, 2018

Earlier this week, we dropped part one of our incredible interview with NYT best-selling author Greg McKeown. We had a ton of fun chopping it up with Greg about how to improve your life by doing less. If you haven’t listened to that episode, I’d recommend starting there.

Greg’s book Essentialism has had a profound impact on both Andrew’s life and my own. If you feel like you’re spending time on trivial tasks and you want to remove the “trivial many” and focus on the essential few, this episode is for you. Enjoy part 2!

Episode Highlights

  • 4:15 How the criteria you use to set goals will dictate where you plateau.
  • 6:00 The closet metaphor you should be using to dial in your success.
  • 8:39 When it comes to the essentials have you asked yourself this one question?
  • 10:14 The 4 key questions you should be asking of yourself and your brand.
  • 12:19 The Southwest Airlines motto that can help you find your perfect customer and what happened to Continental Airlines when they tried to copy Southwest.
  • 19:10 How Greg personally wraps up his week, month, year and retreats
  • 25:37 The 100,000-foot view that Greg uses to understand the essential vs. nonessential.
  • 26:41 How Greg thinks every business owner/executive should be making decisions for their business.

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