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043: Ecommerce Conversion Optimization For Smart People – Peep Laja,

Posted by Austin Brawner on October 16, 2014

Ecommerce conversion optimization is tough, time-consuming, and confusing, but…

…our conversation with Peep Laja of ConversionXL will make it easier for you.

Peep (his unusual name, to most people, is actually pronounced ‘Pep Laya’) currently runs a unique ecommerce conversion optimization marketing agency called Markitekt where they make existing sites better, and build new conversion optimized websites for clients.

He’s been featured in numerous popular marketing and online business publications including Smashing Magazine, ProBlogger, KISSmetrics and many others, and also delivers trainings and workshops on ecommerce conversion optimization and internet marketing.

Peep runs the world’s most popular ecommerce conversion optimization blog, and he says that his blog is written for smart people. No cheesy stuff, no “how to add a background to Twitter” nor “10 useless things that waste your time” type of posts, only well-researched highly actionable content.

Topics Discussed Throughout the Interview

  • The two main levers in successful ecommerce conversion optimization
  • The right “where” and “why” questions to ask when starting out with.
  • The number one A/B split testing mistake
  • Why statistical significance is not validity.
  • Peep’s step-by-step consulting process.

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Austin & Chad!

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