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023: How to Improve Your eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Process – Chris Goward,

Posted by Austin Brawner on July 31, 2014

Chris Goward, the Founder, and CEO of Wider Funnel, is one of the world’s leading experts in website and ecommerce conversion rate optimization.

His company helps clients like Google, Electronic Arts, Iron Mountain, Magento, and many others lift online results by up to 400% for lead generation, ecommerce, and affiliate companies by using the LIFT Model and the Kaizen Method.

Chris has presented on website and ecommerce conversion rate optimization at 100+ events in 30+ cities globally, including conferences like Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo, European Conversion Summit, and much more. He’s also been invited to speak on behalf of companies such as Google, Magento, Citrix, MarketingProfs, Unbounce, and Optimizely.

In 2013, Chris authored “You Should Test That!“, his Amazon best-selling book that shows how leading companies are using marketing optimization techniques to dramatically lift their website revenue, and it’s recommended by highly-acclaimed thought leaders like Avinash Kaushik (also a guest on this show), Neil Patel, and executives from Microsoft, Dell, and Google.

In this episode, Chris talks to us about ecommerce conversion rate optimization for companies looking to go from $1 million to $10 million in revenue.

Topics Discussed throughout this interview

  • How Chris developed in 2007 before website and ecommerce conversion rate optimization was a common focus.
  • A high-level view of the 6 conversion factors you must pay attention to, a process called the LIFT Model – (we break down these 6 parts in the interview).
  • The strategic framework for approaching ecommerce conversion rate optimization called the Kaizen Method.
  • Radical site redesign vs Evolutionary site redesign.
  • Best ways to collect qualitative data.
  • Why we need to care about mobile and how to think about it from an ecommerce conversion rate optimization mindset.
  • How to decide between a responsive or dedicated mobile site.
  • Every business should have an ecommerce conversion rate optimization plan. If you don’t you’re losing money and profits.
  • The one action Chris suggests you take today to turn more visitors into paying customers.

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