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269: Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of 9-Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Posted by Austin Brawner on September 15, 2020

Do you dream of building a 9-figure business? We’ve worked with Ecommerce entrepreneurs who have and today I’m sharing what they have in common.

Today, I’m taking you behind the scenes into the Coalition, my coaching community for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Every month we have a live training that dives into one aspect of growing your eCommerce business. In the training I’m sharing this week, we are talking about the mindset shifts needed to reach 9-figure growth.

Drew Sanocki, current CEO of AutoAnything and former CMO of Karmaloop,  joins us and shares his experience running multiple 9-figure businesses. If you own or work with an established eCommerce business and want to reach for that same success, this is for you.

Episode Highlights

  • 8:31 The #1 prerequisite for building a 9-figure business
  • 11:37 A key team characteristic at fast-growing companies
  • 15:24 An unexpected truth about reinvention and the willingness to pivot
  • 18:35 How to be laser-focused on your brand 
  • 20:10 Changing your philosophy around hiring and how to attract top talent
  • 23:03 What your role as the founder actually evolves into
  • 25:58 The #1 way to not get what you want
  • 28:11 A founder’s trade-off between growth and time
  • 30:57 Drew Sanocki’s background in Ecommerce
  • 32:30 The biggest differences between running a 7-figure and 9-figure company
  • 34:48 When to introduce middle management to your team
  • 37:27 What Drew spends the most time doing in his business today
  • 44:30 Drew’s philosophy on hiring and the power of networking
  • 46:57 What successful eCommerce entrepreneurs have in common
  • 50:52 The difference between being a single founder and having a co-founder
  • 52:59 Putting together a board for your business
  • 54:08 How to build the most wealth as an entrepreneur
  • 59:02 Auditions vs Hiring: How to ensure you’ve found the right fit
  • 1:01:16 Deciding to keep your role as the CEO in a growing company
  • 1:05:43 The differences software and eCommerce companies
  • 1:13:08 Believing that an exit is possible
  • 1:15:07 Why we are in the Golden Age of eCommerce

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