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065: The Wrath Of Entrepreneurial Chaos And How You Can Slay The Beast

Posted by Austin Brawner on March 19, 2015

Every entrepreneur goes through it. It could be because you’re getting too many sales, or it’s because you’re not getting enough sales.

It’s that horrible feeling of being stuck, that you just can’t get through the weeds, everywhere you turn it’s another dead end, and you’re constantly putting out fires. It’s the wrath of entrepreneurial chaos. BUT you can slay the beast with a few changes, here’s how…

This episode is a story from our past, but it’s a problem we’ve seen so many companies experience, and it’s a story that you can relate to. The best part is, once you understand the problem and realize that there is a way out, you can begin to implement the systems your company needs to emerge from the entrepreneurial chaos. By talking through this story we’ll hit on several of the common problems and solutions that come along with starting, running, and growing an ecommerce business.

One of the biggest things we see ecommerce owners missing out on is setting up solid marketing automation from the very beginning. It’s the piece of your business that will help you finally get to the point where you really are “making money while you sleep”. We’re going to run through an example of how we’re doing this for a client of ours. It’s a model that we think you can easily apply to your business no matter what industry or product you’re in.

What We Discussed

  • A Passionate Beginning
  • An Overwhelming Growth
  • Staring Into The Eyes Of The Entrepreneurial Beast
  • Slaying The Beast
  • The New Normal
  • How You Can Too

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