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118: 3 Facebook Ad Hacks Everyone Should Steal from Andrew Foxwell

Posted by Austin Brawner on June 8, 2017

In this week’s episode, we share some of the big discoveries we’ve made on Facebook.

As you know, Facebook changes quickly and this episode is designed to give you a flash briefing on what is currently working for our clients.

Right now we are in a phase, and we have been for about 6 months now, where social proof, i.e. comments, likes, and shares on a post are overweighted in the Facebook Auction and in the Facebook algorithm.

That means, if you have a post that has a considerable amount of social proof on it, your relevance score, that’s the score from 0 to 10 that will determine what your pricing is and the results you will get, you’ll get a higher relevance score which will give you a slight advantage in the Facebook algorithm.

You’ll learn about this and more during today’s episode!

Interview Highlights

  • 1:00 Inside the mind of Andrew Foxwell
  • 1:26 What’s big right now on social media?
  • 3:30 Could international FB ads help your business?
  • 5:22 Start implementing this in your FB ad campaigns right now
  • 7:55 Massive audience size can mean two things
  • 9:32 Are look-a-like ad campaigns beneficial?
  • 10:48 Running add-to-cart vs. running for purchase…
  • 12:40 “Throwing mud intelligently at a wall”
  • 14:01 The reach objective…is it intelligent?
  • 15:40 What to expect in the next episode…

Links / Resources

  1. Foxwell Digital (Andrew’s website)
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