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050: 4 Specific Ways To Get More ROI From Google Adwords For Ecommerce

Posted by Austin Brawner on December 4, 2014

Google Adwords for ecommerce can be extremely profitable…or extremely wasteful, it just depends on what you’re doing.

Check out this episode with Mike Rhodes, one of the world’s best Adwords experts, and improve your AdWords campaigns or save a sinking ship.

Mike Rhodes is the founder of WebSavvy the largest independent AdWords-only agency in Australia. They use data, not guesswork, to grow company profits, and if you qualify for an Adwords Account Audit, Websavvy guarantees a profit increase.

Their sister company PPCsavvy offers AdWords training, courses & a lively interactive forum for you to learn more if you want to manage accounts for yourself or for clients. Mike is often asked by Google to talk on their behalf at events & has even consulted to them on improving AdWords!

He also co-authored The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords with Perry Marshall, now in its 4th edition has sold over 80,000 copies! Happy clients include the likes of Forty Winks, Mercedes, Clark Rubber & hundreds more. In this episode, he’ll dive into the specific ways in which you can get more ROI from Google Adwords for ecommerce and how to eliminate the wasted spend.

Topics Discussed:

  • Creating better customer experiences with Google Adwords for ecommerce
  • Using Adwords to improve your SEO
  • How to use TrueView video ads for bigger returns
  • The 10 questions to ask to help you determine the right AdWords partner

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