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001: Why Instagram is More Valuable to Ecommerce Brands Today Than Facebook Is – Blake Jensen, Blenders Eyewear

Posted by Austin Brawner on May 20, 2014


What does it take to build a popular lifestyle brand without a hefty marketing budget?

Join us as Blake shares Blenders Eyewear’s secret to marketing success through Instagram, and how they attracted 27,000 Instagram followers that buy their products and share their Blenders experiences throughout the world.


Blake is the co-founder of a sunglasses company that was born out of a crowd-funding campaign and they deliver exceptional branded sunglasses without the designer markup. They’ve been featured on The Today Show and in Glamour Magazine and their glasses are sold worldwide from Dubai to Helsinki. He’s one of the most talented designers you’ll ever meet, and when he’s not selling sunglasses he gives kayak tours down in San Diego.

Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview

  • How Blake started Blenders using a crowd-funding campaign.
  • The secret sauce to Instagram and how he got to 27,000 (now 32,000) followers without a large budget for photography.
  • Using Instagram to find “InstaCelebrities” to share your product around the world.
  • Why he thinks Instagram will be their marketing vehicle for the foreseeable future and why it is more important than Facebook for ecommerce companies.
  • His top 3 tips to getting started on Instagram.
  • What ecommerce success means to them.
  • Plus a lot more!

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Austin & Chad!

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