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089: How To Leave Your Business For 3 Weeks, Still Make Money & Come Back To It As If You Never Left

Posted by Austin Brawner on September 2, 2015

We talk about building systems all the time, but how well do they actually hold up when you completely leave your business? It was time for us to “put our money where our mouth is”.

We recently tested out how well our systems worked by sending Austin to Asia and completely off the grid for 3 weeks. In this episode, we talk about the results we experienced, where we succeeded and what we failed at so you can make the necessary adjustments in your business and make your systems work for you

Systems are vital because they provide the freedom to step and disconnect so you can live a life outside of your work and really enjoy what you’re working on.

Ask yourself, what would happen if you left your business today for 4 days and didn’t have any connection to the internet or phone? What about 3 weeks?

If you get a small panic attack just thinking about it, then you need to create more and better systems. A business is only a business when you can step away and still make money while your gone and everything, for the most part, still operates seamlessly.

During this test, we realized that its success comes down to mastering a few different areas including hiring, systemization, measurement, and shared vision. Of course, there’s more to it than just that so we’ll cover it all in this episode.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • A breakdown of the mistakes we made, the good things we did and how you can use our experience to help you
  • How the SOP’s we’ve been developing over the past 9 months worked out.
  • Why hiring an AMAZING team is crucial to success and some ideas on how to do it.
  • How customization will prevent you from leaving your business and completely disconnecting.
  • The misconceptions you have about your role and why you might not really be needed in your business (hurts, we know), but why you should want it that way

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