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104: How $100 Million Dollar Companies are Born

Posted by Austin Brawner on April 13, 2016

TheCHIVE is an international success story, but it wasn’t always that way. Here’s the story of how Leo Resig and his friends grew a celebrity gossip site into a $100 million dollar business.

Leo is the CEO at theCHIVE and works behind the scenes or as his brother John calls him, he’s the Oz at theChive. He built the stadium and let’s everyone else perform.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • What it’s like to sell 50,000 t-shirts in 2 minutes
  • Origins of theCHIVE and Keep Calm and Chive On!
  • What the difference is between having 1 employee and 150+
  • Business tips for entrepreneurs
  • How to win in a world without internet
  • The future of ecommerce and online business

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