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007: Hacks And Habits For More Productivity In Ecommerce – Andy Fallshaw, Bellroy Wallets

Posted by Austin Brawner on June 5, 2014

Andy Fallshaw is CEO of Bellroy Wallets, an Australian based company that “exists to slim your wallet.”

They design and produce wallets that are elegant, functional, delightful to use, and, they’re designed for an active lifestyle.


Bellroy also supports a blog called Carryology which focuses on “exploring better ways to carry.”

Andy’s background includes heading up two major division of global surf-wear empire Rip Curl, starting an investment group, and a few other businesses.

He’s a seasoned ecommerce exec that loves to travel and knows how to make things happen and he chats with us about some incredible life hacks to be more productive, what you can do to start forming better habits in your business, and why you shouldn’t be trying to find your passion.

Topics Discussed Throughout This Interview

  • Why 5-year plans don’t work in the modern ecommerce world.
  • His journey from Rip Curl exec to CEO of fashionable and successful ecommerce company.
  • His favorite productivity hacks and business habits.
  • Why you need to manage your energy and not your time.
  • How he chooses books to read and why he won’t read them cover to cover (see Blinkist in the resource section)
  • Installing habits through triggers.
  • Stop looking for the magic bullet.
  • What ecommerce success means to him.
  • Why he loves to travel and the most epic adventure he’s ever had.
  • Why you shouldn’t be “finding” your passion, instead you should be creating it.
  • Plus a lot more!

Links and Resources Mentioned

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Austin & Chad!

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