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032: 5 Proven Tips To Reduce Abandoned Carts – Strategy Session

Posted by Austin Brawner on September 2, 2014

Finding and implementing the most profitable strategies to reduce abandoned carts is a recurring theme in our daily discussions.

We’re always talking about it because everyone deals with it and there is a lot of misunderstanding about it.


It’s also one of the most profitable places to spend your time working, so here’s a quick episode on the 5 most proven (and profitable) tips to help you reduce abandoned carts.

Topics Discussed Throughout the Interview:

  • Determining your real abandonment.
  • Your abandoned cart email really isn’t good enough.
  • How to correctly set up your Google analytics for setting goals.
  • Focusing in on the welcome page.
  • Using phone numbers to reduce abandoned carts.
  • Testing the multi-step checkout.
  • Do you really need a “view cart” page?

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Austin & Chad!

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