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108: Secrets of a Master Merchant: How To Turn One Purchase Into Many (Instantly)

Posted by Austin Brawner on May 19, 2016

Ezra Firestone owns several seven-and eight-figure businesses. He shares his secret to dominating multiple markets, how to (instantly) upgrade your customers, and why you should never sacrifice your lifestyle.

We have an honest conversation about success, managing lifestyle vs profit, marketing strategies, building a ROCKSTAR team and so much more. Ezra has a unique perspective toward building teams and walks through his process highlighting the common mistakes.

A lot of people are confusing up-sell and cross-sells in today’s ecommerce market. Ezra sheds light on what exactly they are and what is working (and what’s not) for his product based businesses.

**Even if you think an upsell won’t work for you… Ezra has some advice you need to hear.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • How to Implement Upselling
  • Difference between Upselling, Down-selling and Cross-selling
  • How you can use the above tactics to boost sales in your business
  • 1 – Click Post Purchase Emails
  • We go over Integrative Social Commerce and how it will change your online e-commerce business.

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