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083: The 8 Essential Components Needed To Sell Your Site At Maximum Price

Posted by Austin Brawner on July 22, 2015

Warren Buffett once said that, in business, he looks for “economic castles protected by unbreachable moats.”

If the Oracle of Omaha was considering buying your ecommerce store, would he see an “unbreachable moat” surrounding your business?

Here are the 8 essential elements for an “unbreachable moat” in ecommerce so that you can create one to help you sell your site at maximum price.

In the previous two episodes, Jock Purtle of Digital Exits taught us how to value your ecommerce business and then how to sell it for max value.

He mentioned various ways to sale-proof your business (the moat), how to raise its real and perceived value, and then how to sell it.

In this episode, we pull everything all together and help you build your moat based on Jock’s recommendations AND from what we see our top 7-8 figure clients doing to build their unbreachable moat.

This is episode is part three in a 3-part series about valuing and selling an ecommerce store. Part one is “How To Determine What Your Ecommerce Business Is Worth” and part two is “How To Sell Your Ecommerce Store For Maximum Price”.



Key Takeaways from the Show

  • 8 things you need to do to sell your site at a maximum price
  • The risks of playing in the same sandbox as Amazon and how to survive the sand fight
  • The only 2 functions that any business has
  • How your site’s potential impacts it’s a value (you might be surprised)

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