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097: Sean Kelly, Snack Nation – How To 15x A Subscription Ecommerce Business (& Why Subscription Will Work For You)

Posted by Austin Brawner on October 28, 2015

Are you tired of the chasing down one-time transactions? Do you want more predictable revenue? Then a subscription ecommerce business is what you need.

Just because you sell sunglasses, messenger bags or some other kind of apparel doesn’t mean a subscription ecommerce business won’t work for you. In fact, it’s quite likely that it will work for you…as soon as you make one small mindset adjustment.

This is a special episode for us because it brings us back to our humble beginnings. Both of us planted our entrepreneurial roots and cut our marketing chops at Sean’s company, HUMAN Healthy Vending. Without this experience, we wouldn’t have been able to successfully grow our business in the way that we have.

Sean shares with us how they’ve been able to apply a subscription ecommerce business model to their healthy snack delivery business to grow it 10x in just 9 months, and projections show that it could be 15x by the end of 2015.

What’s even more incredible is that they’ve built a sales team, one that you typically find in standard b2b businesses, and added that step to their subscription ecommerce business model, which they credit much of their massive success too.

It’s a bit counterintuitive when you think about “traditional” ecommerce, but that’s why this episode is awesome. It gives us a chance to learn about new, out of the box ways to grow an ecommerce business.

Take a listen below.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • How and why they chose a subscription ecommerce business model
  • Why content plays such a big role in their success and the risks you face by not doing it in your business
  • How to use an outbound sales team to grow a subscription ecommrece business by 15x
  • How to produce massive amounts of quality content without doing all the work yourself
  • Why the “membership economy” is the future of ecommerce

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