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25 Killer Tools and Apps Specifically for Ecommerce Pros

Posted by Austin Brawner

[UPDATED: July 24, 2018]

Over the past few years, I’ve gone under the hood of over 100+ ecommerce retailers ranging from $500k in sales to over $150 million.  While I’m poking around under there I get exposed to many different apps and tools for ecommerce businesses.  Some of them are good, most of them are bad.  The good ones I’ve added to my toolbox.

Here are 20+ apps and tools I recommend and use on a regular basis.

Capture More Leads:

This is a space that’s in dire need of some better players. Klaviyo is currently improving their opt-in tool and I know from my discussions with them they’re planning on making it best in class. In the meantime, here are some options… This is a great and inexpensive tool to start capturing leads. I start with and then determine if there is any reason to upgrade to a more expensive pop-up provider.

JustUno: If you’re looking for high levels of customization and don’t want to build a pop up yourself, try Just Uno. The user interface is not as intuitive as some of the other options, but it’s way more flexible.

Send Better and More Effective Emails:

Klaviyo: If you are sending emails from your online store, I recommend you use Klaviyo. Over the last couple of years Klaviyo has invested in their platform like no other company in the space. It’s easy to use, they fixed the issues they had with support early on, and it’s getting better every day.

Retention Science: I helped Dr. Axe move from Infusionsoft and Maropost over to Retention Science. I found their software to be the only other option besides Klaviyo that I can recommend.

250ok: If you’re having deliverability issues, 250ok can help you out. Similar to Return Path but cheaper, they provide a seed list which will help you determine where your emails are ending up in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Litmus: I use Litmus to test and track our email campaigns across different email clients.  If you have over 70,000 people on your email list, I’d recommend getting a subscription.

Build Social Proof Easily collect genuine reviews of your products, using automated surveys and in-email forms. This option is much cheaper than Yotpo, it integrates with Klaviyo, and it allows you to send NPS emails.

Optimize Your User Experience

Hotjar: Hotjar has many awesome functions, but one that I love is screen recording. You can set this up on your site and watch your customers as they go through the purchase journey, catching any issues or pain points along the way. You can watch exit page recordings to see where on the path your customers are leaving, and try to figure out why. 

Must-Have Shopify Apps:

Fomo – Social Proof Marketing: Notify displays orders as they happen on your storefront with a simple little lightbox. Hotels and travel sites have been doing this for years, as it adds a little urgency to the sale. I’ve seen an increase in conversion rate for my clients, and I recommend it.

Aftership: Do you ship internationally? If so, you need Aftership. Aftership will help you determine when your shipment actually arrives. Aftership integrates with Klaviyo and I use this to set up my post-purchase triggered email sequences from. Smile is a great way to reward your customers. You can use it to set up a point-based rewards system that encourages people to purchase, give referrals, and more.

Generate More Referrals:

Talkable: Most SaaS options for referral marketing don’t have sophisticated fraud protection, Talkable is the exception.  I started using them a few years ago and they’ve continued to innovate and make their software easier to use and integrate with.  Referral marketing is one of the most cost-effective channels of acquiring customers, and Talkable is the leader.

Manage Your Team/Projects:

Slack: I’ll admit, I didn’t understand the value of Slack right away. After a year of using it, however, I don’t know how we’d operate without it. This is the hub of our internal communication and if you’ve got over 2 people on your team it’s time to start using it.

Trello: There are a lot of project management systems out there and I’ve tried most of them. We’ve been using Trello for about a year, and like it. It’s easy to move tasks around, assign owners and deadlines and see how projects are progressing.

LucidChart: If you spend any time mapping out marketing initiatives, LucidChart will make it easier for you. Before we build any emails, I use LucidChart to map out the flow and ensure it works correctly.

Be More Productive:

Freedom App: I sometimes need help reminding myself not to view Reddit, or during the NFL season. Freedom helps you interrupt patterns and keeps you from wasting time by blocking the websites you choose. There are free options out there, but I like the simplicity of Freedom.

Toggl: This is a simple and effective time tracking app. We all track our time every single day. It’s been the most effective thing I’ve ever done to improve my personal productivity.  If you want to learn more about why you should track your time, listen to this podcast Productivity Hacks to Make 2018 Your Most Productive Year Yet

FB Newsfeed Eradicator: This is a Chrome Plugin that will automatically hide your newsfeed. It’s helpful when you’re working in FB creating ads or responding to not get sidetracked.

Ergo Jarvis Standing Bamboo Desk: If you are thinking about getting a standing desk, I recommend the Jarvis. At $395 you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal (trust me I researched) and the quality is great.

Managing Tickets:

HelpScout: An all-in-one-place support desk and customer service center. You can manage support emails from multiple different sites, as well as set up automatic replies and easily communicate with your team to seamlessly manage support inquiries as they come in. This is a new tool designed specifically for Shopify stores.


Soapbox: If you want to make short, simple videos that include your screen and your face, Soapbox is your tool. It’s got just enough editing power but is simple enough that you’re not going waste hours rendering.

Wistia: This is the tool I use to host all videos on my site. They are great.


LoungeBuddy: If you happen to travel as much as I do, Loungebuddy will make your life better. You add your credit cards and lounge access to their app and it will tell you which lounges you have access to when you land.

Tripit: “Holy sh$& Tripit is cool” was my exact reaction when my buddy first showed me it. If you travel at all, you should use Tripit. It automatically fetches flight and hotel confirmations from your email and builds you an itinerary.

What do you use?

This list is constantly evolving, and I’ve gotten most of my ideas from my clients and readers. Do you have any tools or resources you can’t live without? If so, let me know in the comments.

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The “Perfect Popup” Template

Discover 7 Ways to Capture More Emails Without Giving Away Discounts