33 Killer Tools and Apps for Ecommerce Pros
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33 Killer Tools and Apps for Ecommerce Pros

Posted by Austin Brawner

I’ve gone under the hood of over 100 ecommerce retailers ranging from $500k in sales to over $150 million. While conducting my audits, I find incredible tools and apps for ecommerce businesses. The good ones I add to my toolbox.

Here are 33 apps and tools I recommend and use on a regular basis.


  1. Tools To Capture Emails
  2. Services to Send Better Emails
  3. Increase the Average Order Value
  4. Build Social Proof
  5. Design and Build Better Landing Pages
  6. Improve Your User Experience
  7. Must-Have Shopify Apps
  8. Generate More Referrals
  9. Partner With Brands and Influencers
  10. Manage Your Team and Projects
  11. Be More Productive
  12. Manage Support Inquiries
  13. Record and Share Videos
  14. Tools to Make Travel Easier and Better

Tools To Capture Emails:

This is a space that’s in dire need of some better players. Klaviyo is improving their opt-in tool and they’re planning on making it best in class. It’s not there yet. In the meantime, here are some options to help you capture more emails.

  • Sumo.me: This is a simple and inexpensive tool to start capturing leads. I start with Sumo.me and then determine if I need to upgrade to a more robust pop-up provider.
  • Justuno: If you’re looking for high levels of customization and don’t want to code it yourself, try Justuno. The user interface is not as intuitive as some of the other options, but it’s more flexible.
  • Typeform: I use Typeform when I’m building quiz funnels. They are reliable, effective, and they integrate with Klaviyo. The integration allows me to push answers into Klaviyo for deeper segmentation.

Services to Send Better Emails:

Recommended email service providers:

  • Klaviyo: If you are sending emails from your online store, I recommend you use Klaviyo. Over the last couple of years, Klaviyo has invested in their platform like no other company in the space. It’s easy to use, they fixed the issues they had with support early on, and it’s getting better every day.
  • Retention Science: I helped Dr. Axe move from Maropost over to Retention Science. For the enterprise level client, they are the only option besides Klaviyo I recommend.

Recommended email tools:

  • 250ok: If you’re having deliverability issues, 250ok can help you. They provide a seed list to help determine if your emails are ending up in your subscribers’ inboxes or in SPAM.
  • Litmus: Not sure how your email looks on mobile? Test and track how email campaigns perform across different email clients. If you have over 70,000 people on your email list, I’d recommend getting a subscription.
  • Hemingway App: The Hemingway App makes writing emails easier. It gives suggestions to improve and simplify your writing. Write your email first in the App and then transfer to your ESP.

Increase Average Order Value:

Build Social Proof:

  • Stamped.io: A great tool to collect reviews of your products using surveys and in-email forms. Stamped is much cheaper than Yotpo, it integrates with Klaviyo, and it allows you to send NPS emails.

Build Landing Pages:

  • Shogun: Building landing pages for your store has frustrating for a long time. Shogun makes it simple to design and build a landing page for your Shopify or Bigcommerce store. MVMT watches, Blenders Eyewear, Leesa, and more use Shogun.

Optimize Your User Experience

  • Usertesting: Want to see your site through the eyes of a potential customer? Usertesting.com allows you to pay unbiased users to go through your site and give feedback. I’ve found it useful for testing out my messaging and finding issues on my site. It’s expensive but they are the only game in town for this service.
  • Hotjar: Hotjar has many awesome functions, but one that I love is screen recording. You watch your customers as they place an order, catching any issues or pain points along the way. You can watch exit page recordings to see where on the path your customers are leaving, and try to figure out why.

Must-Have Shopify Apps:

  • Recharge App: If you offer subscription products on Shopify, Recharge is your service. They allow you to offer recurring billing and are reliable. I recommend them to anyone offering subscriptions on Shopify.
  • Photo Resize: This simple app resizes your photos into squares for consistent collection and thumbnail grids.
  • Fomo – Social Proof Marketing: Fomo displays real-time orders as they happen on your storefront. Hotels and travel sites have been doing this for years, as it adds a little urgency to the sale. I’ve seen an increase in conversion rate for my clients, and I recommend it.
  • Xporter Data Tool: Great tool for exporting data from Shopify into a useable format. Excellent for data nerds like me.

Loyalty Programs

  • Smile.io: Smile is a loyalty program for your best customers. Set up a point-based rewards system, give referrals, and more. They integrate with Klaviyo for continuity. I have used them with a couple of clients and find them simple and effective.

Generate More Referrals:

  • Talkable: Most SaaS options for referral marketing don’t have sophisticated fraud protection. Talkable is the exception. They’ve continued to innovate and make their software easier to use and integrate with. Talkable is the leader in referral marketing and I trust their software.

Find Brand Partners/Influencers

  • DojoMojo: Looking for a brand or influencer to partner with for a giveaway? DojoMojo is a great resource. They have a network of thousands of brands they can connect you with and they make it easy to set up a giveaway. Use this link or promo code BGEXPERTS to get your 1st month free and 25% off your 2nd month.

Manage Your Team/Projects:

  • Slack: I didn’t understand the value of Slack right away. Now after a year of using it, I don’t know how we’d operate without it. This is the hub of our internal communication and if you’ve got over 2 people on your team it’s time to start using it.
  • Monday: There are a lot of project management systems out there and I’ve tried most of them. We’ve recently switched to Monday from Trello and have been very impressed. It’s the right combination of structure and flexibility. We run our entire business using Slack and Monday.

Be More Productive:

  • Freedom App: I need help reminding myself not to view Reddit, or ESPN.com during the NFL season. Freedom keeps me from wasting time by blocking the websites and apps I choose. There are free options out there, but I like the simplicity of Freedom.
  • Be Focused: This is a Pomodoro timer app for Mac users. I set 25-minute timers.  
  • Toggl: This is a simple and effective time tracking app. I track my time every couple of months. It’s been the most effective thing I’ve done to improve my personal productivity. Listen to this podcast to learn about why you should track your time: Productivity Hacks to Make 2018 Your Most Productive Year Yet.
  • FB Newsfeed Eradicator: This Chrome Plugin hides your Facebook newsfeed from you. It’s helpful when you’re working in FB creating ads or responding to not get sidetracked.
  • Fully Jarvis Standing Bamboo Desk: Thinking about getting a standing desk? I recommend the Jarvis. At $419 you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal (trust me I researched) and the quality is great. I have had this desk for 4 years and have no complaints.

Managing Tickets:

  • Gorgias.io: This is a new tool designed for Shopify stores. It’s a one-stop customer support shop with all the different integrations. If you sell on different channels, you get questions in different places. As inquiries come in, your support team won’t need to jump between platforms. Facebook Messages, Emails, comments on IG Ads…they’re all answered in Gorgias.
  • HelpScout: The OG all-in-one support desk and customer service center. I use Helpscout to manage support emails. You can set up automatic replies, and assign tickets to your team. They are a great simple option for support.

Recording and Sharing Video:

  • Soapbox: If you want to make short, simple videos that include your screen and your face, Soapbox is your tool. It’s got the editing power you need but is simple enough that you don’t waste hours editing a simple video.

Tools to Make Travel Better and Easier:

  • LoungeBuddy: If you travel as much as I do, Loungebuddy will make your life better. Add your credit cards and lounge access to their app and it will tell you which airport lounges you have access to. This app has saved me from overcrowded terminals many times.
  • Tripit: “Holy sh$& Tripit is cool” was my exact reaction when my buddy first showed me it. If you travel at all, you should use Tripit. It pulls flight and hotel confirmations from your email and creates an itinerary.

What Do You Use?

This list is evolving and I’ve gotten most of my ideas from my clients and friends. Do you have any tools or resources you can’t live without? If so, share below!


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33 Killer Tools and Apps for Ecommerce Pros

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    Our website is Reactful.com if you want to check it out. I think it would be a great addition to this killer list.

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    I think that you could also add a self-service help desk to the list, because there are many users who don’t really want to establish a conversation to get support, so that is the perfect solution. I think that Kayako is pretty decent: https://www.kayako.com/help-desk-software/knowledge-base I’d thank you if you could briefly review it, thanks!

  • Great list!