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092: Emmanuel Eleyae, Satin-Lined Caps – Generating $80k Per Month Within 9 Months Using YouTube Influencer Marketing

Posted by Austin Brawner on September 23, 2015

You finally found it…

…the answer to your ecommerce store’s growth problem and your video marketing conundrum.

At this point, you know that video marketing is all the rage as YouTube and other video platforms continue to explode with the opportunity to you grow your business. You know you should be capitalizing, but it feels like too big of a task to take on right now.

Video marketing requires a lot of effort to outline a video marketing campaign, write the video(s), film the video(s), edit them, upload them, promote them, etc. Of course, you can always hire someone to do all that, but that gets expensive…and who knows if it’ll even work and show a positive ROI after all is said and done.

But there is a different way to do video marketing that could work very, very well for you.

It’s called YouTube Influencer Marketing and today’s guest, Emmanuel Eleyae of Satin-Lined Caps, has experienced the video marketing promised land…to the tune of $80k in revenue PER month within just the first 9 months of being in business.

He was able to do ALL of this with YouTube and without creating a single video himself. In this episode, he’s going to teach you exactly how he did it and how you can, too.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • What influencer marketing is and how works on YouTube
  • The 3 stages to successful YouTube influencer marketing
  • What makes YouTube influencer marketing right for your business
  • How to measure YouTube influencer marketing ROI

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