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092: Emmanuel Eleyae, Satin-Lined Caps – Generating $80k Per Month Within 9 Months Using YouTube Influencer Marketing

Posted by Austin Brawner on September 23, 2015

You finally found it…

…the answer to your ecommerce store’s growth problem and your video marketing conundrum.

At this point, you know that video marketing is all the rage as YouTube and other video platforms continue to explode with the opportunity to you grow your business. You know you should be capitalizing, but it feels like too big of a task to take on right now.

Video marketing requires a lot of effort to outline a video marketing campaign, write the video(s), film the video(s), edit them, upload them, promote them, etc. Of course, you can always hire someone to do all that, but that gets expensive…and who knows if it’ll even work and show a positive ROI after all is said and done.

But there is a different way to do video marketing that could work very, very well for you.

It’s called YouTube Influencer Marketing and today’s guest, Emmanuel Eleyae of Satin-Lined Caps, has experienced the video marketing promised land…to the tune of $80k in revenue PER month within just the first 9 months of being in business.

He was able to do ALL of this with YouTube and without creating a single video himself. In this episode, he’s going to teach you exactly how he did it and how you can, too.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • What influencer marketing is and how works on YouTube
  • The 3 stages to successful YouTube influencer marketing
  • What makes YouTube influencer marketing right for your business
  • How to measure YouTube influencer marketing ROI

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Chad: Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of Ecommerce Influence podcast. I am one of your co-hosts Chad Vannags. Austin? Austin? Hey, man are you there? Well, looks like Austin is not joining us today. Actually, he is not going to he had to take care of some things. So it’s just going to be me on today’s episode. I hope you guys are okay with my awkward voice and I know you’ll miss him but he’ll be back next week so don’t worry.

Today’s episode goes along with something I have been paying close attention to which is video marketing. We have talked to Dane Golden of Octally, we have talked to Jake Larson about two view ads. A lot of video marketing is really starting to resonate with me personally. Something that I have gone to a video marketing summit and some incredible things are happening with some amazing brands. If you didn’t know this Poopery, have you ever heard of it Poopery? It’s the most awkward thing to think about but their video marketing was incredible and it took them to incredible heights in terms of revenue. I think they are at 30 million dollars in revenue at this point and they are somewhere around five, six million in revenue and video marketing took them to 30. So anyway my point is this that video marketing is incredible. I really want you to think long and hard about implementing it to your business at some point. I know it sounds scary but trust me, it’s not as scary as you think it is especially when you listen to today’s episode because technically with this episode about this topic, you really don’t have to create any video. You can allow YouTube and its power in video marketing to do the work for you without worrying about creating your own videos. Maybe that will jump-start your desire to create them in the future. But today’s episode is incredible.

Before I get into a little bit more background, I want to tell a story and when I say story I actually just finished this book on positioning. I don’t exactly remember the title of the book but it’s a book about positioning. Al Reese I believe is the author and I’ll link to it in the show notes but positioning is an incredible thing when it comes to building a brand and I highly recommend you read the book because it gives you so many examples of what to do, what not to do, how to position, how to position in a different way so that you can really stick out amongst all the crap that people get inundated with. It’s incredible but beside the point, I just finished it and then a story came along about a brand that really should be an example in the book. A good example, a great example here is this bottle company, it’s called BKR bottles, I believe it’s BKR and then bottles, BKR bottles and they are similar to an analogy bottle or you know brands like that where they are outdoorsy all that good stuff. Obviously, if you’re an outdoorsy person you know that that is a very competitive marketplace.

It is tough for them to break in especially considering they are a glass bottle maker and they look similar to an analogy bottle etcetera and what they found out by listening to their customers—surprise, surprise something that everybody should because this will allow them to find such a massive success so quickly. They listened to their customers and they found out that customers that we reusing their bottles were very concerned about beauty, nothing to do about outdoors but concerned about beauty because they know drinking a lot of water gives you a better skin complexion. After talking to their customers on why they are using their bottles this way they decided that hey we are not an outdoor product we are now basically a cosmetic product. When I say cosmetic I mean like a skincare product. Something that you would find a makeup counter or a beauty product. Maybe that’s the word I was looking for a beauty product. So they took their bottle, BKR bottles and they transitioned to a position. They repositioned themselves in terms of beauty.

That these bottles are beauty products. Now they are being sold at Nieman Marcus—all these high-end places. A place that in my mind I would never expect when you consider that they are really competitive with Analogy but by creating this new position in a different market, they now have people like Jessica Alba using their bottles because it’s a beauty product. Anyway quick story on that. I think it’s just interesting how positioning pays such an important role in building a brand especially an online brand and I recommend you read that book.

But moving on, today’s topic is going to be about an alternative ecommerce growth channel. I mentioned video but this is specifically influencer marketing using YouTube. We have talked about the past a little bit just touched on it with experts on the field but this is a real-life example of an ecommerce company using YouTube influencer marketing to take their brand from zero dollars to 65,000 dollars in revenue within a month and then to 80,000 dollars per month within the first nine months and there is definitely nothing more incredible than hearing a brand ramping so quickly and obviously something most people want to hear about. Recommend people jumping in on this as soon as possible because I know that is there are people out there using this method or using this strategy to market their products but not a lot right now so you can get in earlier than most. Really the person who we’re going to be talking to is Emmanuel Eleyae. He is the co-founder of a company called Satin Lined Caps which like I said went from zero to 65 then 80K per month. He used to be a former Amazon warehouse manager. He is now a student at tradecraft, a place that trains people to success in traction roles the highs and using this type of marketing has just skyrocketed his business and today, he is going to walk us through all of that and he is going to tell us about his growth path, how he did it using influencer marketing, where he failed, where he succeeded, how to know if your product is the right fit for this type of channel and how you can succeed literally step by step. In addition to that, he wrote a mini manual for us, a checklist or a guide so you can do it as well. I’ll tell you how to get that in a second.

But before we do that the one thing we have been thinking about is Mail Chimp. If you’re still using Mail Chimp, and you’re an ecommerce brand that is serious about ecommerce I think it’s time to switch over. You should switch over to Klavio. Klavio is by far a much better platform. Most of our clients have switched over to it and have told us that it is like Mail Chimp in steroids. That’s a direct quote from Jeff of Monk and of course we don’t actually get any revenue shares from this guys. There is no commission. We are just trying to save people from using mail Chimp. So a switch as you ca. of course we appreciate the kind words on this podcast. I feel like I am talking a lot just because Austin is not here to fill in the gaps but you can email me at with any of your feedback, positive or negative I dot care what it is. Just let us know and let us know what else that you like to know, hear about or who you like to hear from. Then last but not least I would like to mention that Emmanuel had written us that checklist or that mini manual on how to do influencer marketing on YouTube, you can get that along with seven other guides that we put together by going over to and you will get access to all seven guides, now eight guides thanks to a manual and again that’s and you can head over there right now or after this episode of course.

So let’s dive in. a quick background on Emmanuel. Emmanuel Eleyea, co-founder of satin line Caps a versatile stylish ca with satin lining that keeps the hair moisturize, protected and even tangle-free when resting. He and his sister start the stores from scratch boosts it from zero dollars per month in revenue to over $80,000 per month in just nine months by identifying a way to scale their highest revenue marketing channel in a cost-effective manner. A quick, cool tidbit here Emmanuel was responsible for the day to day operations of the one of the most technologically advance fulfillment centers in North American fulfillment center network for Amazon SDA which obviously pretty incredible platform. So to be running something like that, incredible. But nonetheless I feel winded, let’s welcome Emmanuel to the show.

Emmanuel: Thanks good to be here.

Chad: Yeah I say we but I mean I am pumped up here since Austin is not able to join us.

Emmanuel: Bummer.

Chad: Yeah it is a bummer when he can’t come. It’s like your spouse is not able to come with you on vacation or something. That’s what it is like. No, seriously it’s like we’re married. I tell my wife that all the time. She gets weirded out.

Emmanuel: I can see how that can seem as weird but good for you though.

Chad: The good thing is that I am pretty pumped this one because this one really interests me. Anything with video pretty much interest. So before we really get into influencer marketing and what you have done, why don’t you give the people listening to a quick 30-second background of who you are and a little bit of expertise in the ecommerce marketing space.

Emmanuel: Sure I’d love to. I was in the military, got out in the military and worked for Amazon for a little while. I was in fulfillment, started bit in the ecommerce log and while I was working that, my sister came to me she said she actually had a product idea, wasn’t sure the whole ecommerce shipping doing all that kind of stuff so we worked together and we kind of just get it started. From there we have found a couple of channels, we tried things, they didn’t really work and we hit on with influencer marketing with YouTube. Things just took off from there and so before that marketing experience wise that didn’t have too much but have tried o pick up as much as I can since then.

Chad: Honestly your story was super compelling to me. You’re introduced to us by somebody else who came to the show which was Graham Hunter form Trade Craft. Is it Trade Craft or Trade Crafted?

Emmanuel: It depends on which way you are looking at it. We have both of those Trade Crafted and Trade Crafted. Trade crafted is in our email address.

Chad: Got it. That makes sense. But anyway Graham has sent you to us and wanted to talk to you and after I listened to you, I was like you have got to tell your story so the rumor has it, or not even a rumor, I guess it’s true but you were able to go from zero dollars in revenue to 65K in four months and then $80,000 in revenue per month within just nine months. Is that true?

Emmanuel: Yeah that’s what exactly what happened. I didn’t realize that that is different than it was kind of a roller coaster and it happened really quickly so it has been nice to talk with you and folks like Graham to kind of digest like what just happened because it happened really fast.

Chad: I know at this point based on where you are at, being with Trade Craft, trying to home in on the other avenues, the other aspects of digital marketing in ecommerce which obviously everybody wants to do but let’s talk about this influencer marketing and how you’re able to do this. If you can do me a favor and tell the people listening to what exactly is influencer marketing.

Emmanuel: Kind of the way I look at it is influencer marketing is kind of outbound, outreach o people with an audience that they can influence to purchase your product. So, people, they happened to know a lot of their folks, they are really influential and people are kind of influenced by them. And so we are able to tap into that network or folks who have a lot of influence and ask them to pitch the product for us.

Chad: Where does influencer marketing happen? I know you mentioned YouTube. Is that the only place that happens? Or is that just the place right now where you are at?

Emmanuel: There is a lot of—you are talking about different companies that are doing this?

Chad: More or less. I mean I know influencer marketing. That’s like people with an audience reach out. I mean that applies to Yazoo, Instagram, Twitter those kinds of things?

Emmanuel: Yeah I mean it applies in many different areas or social media for sure. I know there’s Vines in influencer who tried and reached out to folks on Instagram. I know there are Pinterest folks, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. There are lots of different of most—even just regular blogs or blogging. There are still a lot of influencer bloggers out there.

Chad: That makes a lot of sense, obviously we have seen a lot of products use different avenues so, in this sense, we are going to be talking about influencer marketing specifically through YouTube. I think that would make the most sense because that’s where you have focused and found this success. What were you doing before you were doing influencer marketing through YouTube?

Emmanuel: We were failing in the wilderness is what we were doing. We were trying to–

Chad: Per the norm, it’s per the norm.

Emmanuel: We started out just kind on Excel and we jumped on Amazon. We had ours on ecommerce store. It was just like well let’s try it. It’s Amazon ads and all kinds of different paid ads for everything. We tried selling them door to door. We were trying everything. Then from there, one of the things that we tried that kind of worked is that we also sent just an email. My sister did a quick over vide, just five seconds if you are looking, interested in working with the audience, we think we have something that you might like and we also typed up an email that was kind of like, hey we think this will work for your audience. An email that out to YouTube influencers that happened to resonate. We thought our product would resonate to their audience. We didn’t hear back from 27. Only three of them even replied and two of them were just kind of like no thanks.

The last one actually did a video for us. So that video did so well, we actually sold out of inventory of that week. Made some more inventories, sold all of that again and literally we were on back order. So was it Monday right during Thanksgiving weekend, we were out of inventory. The biggest buying kind of that because we were sold out right before because of the video that had come out. It worked really well and we were just like we might be on to something here. I wondered what the response we have got really wasn’t that great. So maybe we should try scaling this thing so I started looking around, I heard from another mentor about a company called Fame Bits and other companies who were doing these kinds of things. It was like a market place for influencers. They connect influencers with brands in order to facilitate this. Even before that, I heard about the The Shelf and several others which is more just kind of like the discovery platform where you can just reach out to people who are influencers and just kind of connect anything that would link in for influencers. But working the Fame Bit and we were able to really quickly just kind of getting videos out. Just write off 50 bucks, get a video done in two, three weeks and then receiving the products. From there, we just kind of scaled it even that we are just started wanting more videos.

I think we went over the course of this whole time we have gotten about 50 videos done, and so we were at five or six at the time. So I say how do we go faster and faster and faster. We moved into their brand of VI Program where you can view a big chunk up front giving them a budget, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000 and they’ll basically manage the campaign for you so it’s kind of a done for your service. So we tried that three different times and we just kind of grown since then. We had that first zero to 65K in about February and just from there we just kind of took off with the IP campaign. We also tried reaching out to influencers directly again at that point because one of the challenges is that Fame Bit is you’re not necessarily going after this big of clients so we started reaching out to folks who had one million, two million followers. We got another two of those folks. We just kept going. When we got to about March or April this year we realized that when a customer or someone watches a video they get to our site, that’s it that’s the last interaction we have with them. So if they don’t by then we have lost them. So we put in a final process there. We have a landing page, email, set up autoresponders sequence and that really what drilled us into the AAK ledge.

Chad: I do want to go into that a little bit more in-depth, a little bit more the tactics that you used to make this successful but before we get into that the one thing first off it was like one in 30. You hit 30 people and only one produced a video but that was enough for you guys to get a taste. So I guess what I want to know is first and foremost, who does this really work for best and why?

Emmanuel: That’s a great question because I know folks out there can’t see us but we saw a hair care product for women and so I happened to be a man to sell this product, really isn’t try to pitch the idea that of using satin to sleep within your hair. It will protect your hair. It’s hard to do that. So really if you’re in any kind of situation like that where your product needs some heavy explaining. Perhaps you don’t really have the same look or feel of the demographic that you are going after it will slow for folks where their product needs explaining and also if you happen to need a piece of content like this is yours so you can put it on to your works in any way for 150 bucks they have the words, why not jump on to YouTube and grab the video and have somebody make it for you.

Now you have a piece of content of that. Not only that it’s somebody else of a social code that you are using. It’s not you explaining, it’s an influencer explaining that. By the way, it also comes with an audience. So not only you are getting the content, you are getting someone who already has an audience. If you have some time to get it right because it does take about 30 to 60 days to do a full campaign where you have to ship them the product, they produce it, you approve it, back them for it, you need to have a little bit of time. So I would say if your product needs explaining, you need some contents, you’d like some social proof other than you explaining the product, you need an audience like you already want to spend on ads for example and you have some time to get it right

I’d say it will probably work well for you. By contrast, if you’re not in that situation like you are selling a pair of shoes, it may not work as well it probably will it will work but you really don’t need to explain shoes very much. People get it when they see it. So it’s one of those things that I had talked with some folks like, you should do it, I’m going to go and do it and it’s like does it really need to explain, do I get it right away. Are you getting a lot of organic traffic and have solid content. We did it and it just didn’t work. Well, how long did you get? Well, I want it to get it done in a week. Well, if you do it in a week, it’s hard to create good content and right off the bat like that. So for folks like that, it might seem like it’s not working this well and I know it’s recommended probably not if you fill in the bucket like I did, women’s hair care products and you’re a man with no hair you know.

Chad: It’s definitely true because I have seen you on skype video and you don’t have hair so this will not work for you. I guess for the shoes if you have the inspector gadget like gogo gadget shoes maybe this will work for you. But I wonder who are listening to this by the way actually know inspector gadget. I think that helps us get a good idea. So let’s move to the next part of this which is really breaking down the steps that you took. We know that you have started off with 30 people, you emailed 30 people you got one response, you got one video, it showed enough promise for you to do it again. You learned a lot form that process, you hired an agency or somebody to help you with that. If you could take me through potentially you know the three stages, the X stages I guess of getting this done correctly, how would you do this with a new product or product that needs explaining? How would you go about it right now?

Emmanuel: Absolutely so the first thing we do is just start to set expectations. That’s one of the hardest things that we realize was like how do we vet which ones are going to work. Depending on which route you want to go, whether you want to go with an agency or a marketplace or you just want to outreach them directly, I will start with the first one where I would say you can go through, you have to find them first so you have to do outreach. So that’s the very first things so you can go on to YouTube hit their little about page and hit the button and just email them.

Chad: So you search directly in like YouTube? Your search for in like yours what hair care? I mean how do you search?

Emmanuel: So yes, whatever terms that your brand or if you ever hear d a review that you happened to watch an influencer that you like or someone that you enjoy, like that would where I would start and let me just talk to him. Let’s hit him on their about page. And then if you want to broaden that up even further, just how do I find them more of them right then well go to the people that they follow. So start with that first one and then begin looking for others that they follow and then just load yourself a list and just reach out to them directly. That’s how we got to our 30 initial influencers.

If you don’t want to do this, there is another way to do an outreach, you can go on to Shelf which streamlines that process because if we reach out to YouTube you may not actually get someone but you may just go on to their notification and never see it or you don’t have their email address. The Shelf kind of streamlines that process a little bit they kind of know that they are available for sponsorship and even if you do it straight to YouTube they may not be opened for sponsorships. Because this is a small segment that is doing this for a living. So you can go on to shelf, you know these folks are probably open to the idea and then you know you are going to get a hold of them or you can go to Fame Bit where it’s like they are already there and you’re looking for sponsorships and you actually don’t need to do outreach. You set up a campaign and you get 30 to 40 responses and people who are looking to work with you, you can do the Fame Bit brand where you meet people, grab, money and you just give them a big budget and this is done for you.

Chad: If I am just getting started, what would you recommend to start with right now?

Emmanuel: I would recommend to jump on Fame Bit as the first one because the Shelf is a little more a new one. It’s like outbound outreach. How do I craft my emails? How do I do all that? Fame Bit is the one where you are just like you just put a campaign. Hey, I am looking for folks, who is ready? Who wants to do it, and they show up to work with you. The downside to that is you don’t actually get to pick. I know I want piece five, like give me these five. That doesn’t happen. But I would start there and kind of see what the relationship is like, see what proposals look like and so that will inform the emails that you are like, how you communicate, how you talk to them, what they are looking for and you are going to take that knowledge and go to Shelf or go straight back to YouTube and be getting email in folks there.

Chad: From what I am hearing you have got So it’s fame, You obviously got YouTube where you can do it more manually and then there is the Shelf, Those are the three places you would start with. Maybe start with YouTube manually just looking out for people who might be in your niche that could help you with this product or really Fame Bit sounds like the one that is really helpful for you. I guess at this point, you would say rank fame Bit number one and then the Shelf but use YouTube to kind of figure out who’s what and where and when so to speak. And of course, you went through a little bit on how to contact them. Now once you do get a hold of them, does Fame Bit also do the negotiation with you? I know that you did manually with YouTube, your own outreach you had to negotiate the right deal on your own. How does that work between on your own and Fame Bit?

Emmanuel: Fame Bit actually is just a marketplace so they are a platform is like in the brand VIP program, they handle that for you. But on the platform, it’s between yourself and the influencer. We had the ability to talk by them for us. So that kind of gets into that second step you are going to put a campaign on Fame Bit and then you are going to get 30 or 4 0 responses, you got to choose one. You’re going to choose one and there is a whole criteria, I can give on how to choose them. Once you have chosen one, you got to negotiate with them. Negotiate, which is getting to your question negotiate but you can go back and forth.

I highly recommend this to folks. The person who speaks first and blinks first pays the most kind of thing. You know it’s going to be padded a little bit so you can go back in and you are just you want to do it a little bit less or maybe a different type of video or different things and then from there once you have got this idea of price, you can start to look at their videos, do part of their followers consistently are their known from doing a lot of content because that could be a turn off but I can look at their actual page and start looking at what kind of influencers are they. How they interact with their audience. Then, you can get to a solid yes, I want to work with this person. And then you have got a solid price, you want to work with this person. You just basically accept their proposal, what it does is now Fame Bit helps out, it put it in an Escrow. So now the cash doesn’t go directly to them. It’s an Escrow account and when the video is done, they present it to you and say basically hey what do you think and then you can ask for revisions. I like this change or maybe I actually like it, it’s great and then you accept it and that’s when the cash flows to them. So fame bit does a charge fee for that, so that’s 10% of the video. So if you pay agreed to a hundred dollars and they’ll mark it up to $110.

Chad: Interesting. You don’t have to mention this if you don’t want to but can you give us into some insight into what you spent on that first video? Like I said, you don’t have to answer it but–.

Emmanuel: Oh sure, I don’t mind because it’s actually an interesting one. It was nice because we—that’s actually the biggest reason on how I decide which one three if you do it up on outreach it was just a cap, we just send a cap. So we didn’t actually pay. Eventually, we did give a donation as being grateful. It’s 500, 600 bucks or 350 or something like that, we spent some cash a few weeks later. But initially, we just sent the product.

Chad: Wow so you sent one cap they obviously loved the cap, it had to be useful for her to really share it and that turned into selling out?

Emmanuel: I think that’s a good thing to think about too, or to talk about. It was much more organic and then I actually until this day, even to this day all the videos we have done, that was the best one. She did two of them for us actually because it was clear she really, really enjoyed the product. Since we try to scale it, we scale the channel it has begun to degrade a little bit. Not the quality of the videos. It’s clear that they are not nearly as invested because it is more transactional now. It’s established upfront. We will not accept the video if you have not worn the cap. We actually have to put that into the proposals because people will just open it and hold it up and say here is what I do with it. Here’s how I wear it and that’s not true and you don’t even sound authentic.

Chad: Yeah that comes back to what you have said before in choosing the right person for this if you go to their channel and you see that they are just sponsoring everything. Like you said, it’s becoming a little bit more transactional. But it’s one of those things where you kind of have to take that with the route where this is going. You obviously lucked out with the first one and the luck continued, obviously it’s not just luck but I guess what I am trying to say as you scale these things, it does become more transactional, more contractual and it’s not as authentic but it still does what it is supposed to do.

Emmanuel: Exactly and I would agree to that one 100% because at that point you have to get away from the idea, that this is going to be this beautiful thing you have a choice to make. You have a choice to make. If you really want to have a phenomenal organic like really rich thing that is made and it takes 60 to 90 days to get one done and go on 90 of them done in the next 90 days and just really start to amp this thing up. That’s the kind of choice you end up making and so we choose to go to the route of growing the business fast. Rather than kind of slow and steady networking with influencers and growing that way. I think that’s the reason we are now able to do this because now there are these services that are able to streamline the process which I didn’t realize they were there. And when they did it was just like wow. It’s so much faster.

Chad: I don’t want to discredit the fact that these things are not as authentic. They are still authentic videos but I just want to make sure we recover that because I felt like I was saying that they are not. You agreed that they really are.

Emmanuel: So that’s a page too so a good point like the quality of the video, you do have some say in that too and one thing that we have noticed is even though it is transactional, there are some folks that are very real professional and I didn’t mean that it would seem like you are paying them and they are going to do a bad video. That’s not going to happen. They do a really good job and as you get to the bigger and bigger numbers, we have folks that have 500,000 subscribers and they are good at what they do. They are very good and they are able to connect with the brand, connect with the product, explain it well and it actually comes through. It does work really well.

Chad: So now that you have to the video up and running you got to all this good stuff, how do people actually get to your website? I know there is a link in the description below or it in the video and how does that work?

Emmanuel: That happens quite a bit on the video. You can ask them to do this in the video. Just when they tell about it, they can simply say if you want to learn more and they will actually point sometimes, just click the link below in the comment box or head over to the site or head over to their offer or check out their social media or wherever it may be. So even in that comment box, what we used to do is to put a link straight to our website and that’s how we started. One thing to note too is there above the fold and below the fold and the comment box. I also request that they put it above the fold so that way there is less friction.

Chad: You request that in the contract right?

Emmanuel: In the contract. I request that and I actually give them a blow that is pretty directive. Give them a blow like sign up here for 10% off and I said it off by clicking the link as well because I want to send them somewhere else that they just can get into their own so that they will click that link so that I can attribute to that video. The biggest things that come after all this is I want to start up is analytics and so what they will do is they will type semi-caps go got Google analytics and simply show direct. So it is very hard to attribute which YouTuber did well, which one could have done better. What group had gone over the fence. So that’s just on the link that you can also don’t want to be spammy looking so in the ecommerce, if you want to ecommerce site, we tried getting links but they link so spammy, so we can track the variables. They look so spammy so we said let’s try pretty links lights so we got that feedback from another mentor of mine and we got yes change that. We are able to put our URL. We went to Shopify that had the URL redirect as well. So all that just for the link.

Chad: Just for the click, making sure that that click happens.

Emmanuel: Just for the click. There is a lot of learning.

Chad: The one thing I think about, first and foremost I remember you told me before that you were not tracking that link click with the UTM parameters and now you have and I went to your analytics and I was able to see I see where all these campaigns are happening so you know whose videos are successful and how they are successful and maybe being able to use that data for future influencer videos. I don’t know if you know this and don’t quote me on it but I think if you look at YouTube right now you can technically put an annotation on a video where they can click that annotation and go directly to a landing page. The way that it used to be is that the influencer or as the YouTuber had to have a verified, I guess what I am saying is you can only have one website associated with that YouTube channel and I think, don’t quote me on this, but I was out in a video marketing summit and I believe they are now opening that out to multiple websites that can be clicked on an annotation on a video. So keep an eye on that, meaning if you put out a video together and they are like hey I got this cap blah blah blah, if you want to learn more click this button right next to my head and they can put a video there or a button there with an annotation over so they can click out directly and never have to get lost down in those comments or combined with the notes.

Emmanuel: Yeah less friction, I like that. Managing the customer journey.

Chad: Exactly. We have to look in that further but I was at the video marketing summit where they told us so much but I have to go back to my notes on that. So I think we are going to start wrapping it up here in a minute but a few things I want to talk in terms of where you are at 80K per month and things you wish you have done at the beginning. So you have got your business up and running you got your site, you grew so quickly that there are things that I am sure I think you have told me that you wished would have done from the start. But maybe you can tell me things that when you look back if you were to start over what would you make sure that was in place before you start driving all these massive traffic?

Emmanuel: Sure the very first thing that it will drive back towards emails and I know that’s almost cliché now that it’s true building that list. We have been very, very aggressive but first of all, even more, it’s not even building the list but the infrastructure to build the list. And so kind of in this process as we have learned to build out this kind of funnel. That’s kind of what I would have done better. So each piece, so first that was the link we kind of went into detail and now it’s on the end of that the link of the video. But also where we send them on to a landing page, having UTM tag variables so we can track how they do and having email capture there with the click on the action, having retargeting pixels there so that if they don’t show up on the landing page, we can still retarget them and give them an option to come back and complete that process and once they sign up having a five, six, seven-week autoresponder series to give folks the ability to engage with us, to learn about us, share with their friends, share with the social media. I think it took a long time to get all the pieces but they seemed like little pieces here and there but more so we should have that full process. Really that what took us to the next level. So we were making costs 10K in about 45, 47 within the influential company.

Chad: So you spent 10, make 47K.

Emmanuel: Other than those two things that what keeps us, I know it was pretty consistent of those are the returns that we were getting, in the influential campaign. It’s how we started to go down a little bit to begin to figure out the campaigns because the bigger YouTubers are much more expensive but that’s where we could count on. We can count on that. And then once we put on someone straight to either the home page or a category page. But once we put them through the funnel where we capture the funnel and engage them through an autoresponder, that picked us up the next 40% to 45% and that’s what got us to the 60 to 80K range and then throughout the summer. It was intense.

Chad: Yeah that is intense. So well that’s huge advice especially for people who are going to start driving massive traffic in some capacity whether it’s Facebook ads or influencer marketing. It has been a common theme. Obviously, Austin and I love email marketing. I mean that’s what we focus on but to hear people who work with us or who don’t work with us sit here and say the one thing I wish we did more is we capture more emails. And send more emails. I mean Justin Winter of Diamond Candles told us a year ago that the biggest mistake you ever made was not capturing emails and sending them. So it’s good to hear that it’s a consistent them across the board. What do you plan doing moving forward? I know that this is one channel that you technically mastered like what’s the next step for you at this point?

Emmanuel: At this point is what we have talked about, more of the same. I think now as we switched channels is just more of that infrastructure so I loved to get to the point in like we mentioned like Facebook ads like having the email sequence. Having email capture, managing the journey, autoresponder and then maybe I’ll wait for every single post has its own landing page. How aggressive can it be with this funnel concept? And so we want to move towards more content marketing because we found that we have a lot of people explaining our product but we’re not really explaining our product. So when people land on our site, they got to experience the product and who we are a little bit and the about us and some things but you know that’s our own YouTube Channel. Welcome though the funnel, explain things down online which happens on in place which stays on bloggers out there.

Chad: Awesome. I am looking forward to seeing you guys grow to see what you do next, see how things shake up. I am excited to watch this but I have got two more questions before we close it up, the first one is where can our listeners connect with you?

Emmanuel: Sure, thing. They can head me up on Twitter, @eleyea. I am on LinkedIn. We started a new project, I am putting a lot of the stuff that I have learned like the hard way to do things so I am hoping to share that to people. So I am hoping they can reach out to me there as well.

Chad: And then based on our discussion today, what’s the one things our listeners should do today to hopefully see some kind of results maybe tomorrow?

Emmanuel: That’s a tricky one.

Chad: It doesn’t have to be actual results. It can be a mindset change. It can really be anything to start making those steps?

Emmanuel: I like that one. A mindset change. It’s hard for people to think about influential marketing like I can do that. So the easiest thing I’d say is just hopped in to Fame Bit, it literally in eight minutes you can have an account put out a campaign, they’ll approve it in 24 hours and then 48 hours later you have 30 or 40 people responding to you and just look at how people interact, what they are saying what their channels are and realize I could potentially hire one of these folks o like $50 to 4150 and get started. So just hop on, sign up and experience that yes this is possible. And then from there you can do all the go on to Shelf or do YouTube and talk to them directly and that will worked with that harder stuff but just start.

Chad: I am going to actually have my wife do this tonight because she is a fashion designer and getting her collection up and running. She is starting to get a good feel for the product she wants to create so I think I am going to let her do it tonight especially if it only takes eight minutes and see what happens.

Emmanuel: Eight minutes and if you need any help to let me know.

Chad: Awesome. I’ll tell you what I really appreciate hopping on. I’m going to make sure if anybody listening to this episode right now I want to make sure that you share the episode with people because Emmanuel is the same office as Graham from Trade Craft and they have got a little bet going on who gets the most downloads while I love Graham and he is a badass, I kind of like to join up with Emmanuel and get him with some more downloads. If you like this, give it a share and help Emmanuel win.

Emmanuel: There is nothing like a healthy competition

Chad: Maybe kind of cheating because I never did helped him out but anyway. Well man I appreciate it hoping with me today and excited to chat again.

Emmanuel: Awesome yeah same here take care.

Chad: So thanks for joining us today; remember Emmanuel put together a mini manual, that’s’ weird, for this episode on influencer marketing for YouTube. You can get that along with the seven other guides that we have out together including Facebook marketing for ecommerce, four steps on hiring A players Elance, etc. you can get all these guides. Eight total now, not seven but eight over at Again that’s and get all the access and don’t forget hit up Klavio at to learn more about what Klavio can do more for you, to get a free demonstration on how it works and the possibilities. So hit them up there and if you haven’t subscribe yet. Give us a review on the show and we’ll see you in the next episode.

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